It’s Can Be Both Complicated AND Overwhelming

Choosing a service provider for local and long distance can be an overwhelming task. It’s hard to compare “apples to apples” when you rarely have the same types of products and services in the same mix.

And in many cases, businesses just assume that they really don’t have a choice… that the area they’re in sort of “dictates” exactly which company they “have to” do business with for local and/or long distance services.

But that’s rarely the case!

Teleco Augusta can help you uncover savings!You DO Have a Choice!

That’s where Teleco Augusta comes in! We can analyze your local and long distance bills and recommend the best provider and service for your particular situation.

We can help uncover wasted dollars and create savings, while helping you expand your reach and communicate more efficiently on a budget that you can afford. Ask us about our FREE local/long distance analysis!

Get Local Service With Expanded Calling Areas and Cheaper Long Distance

With our solutions, you get local service with expanded calling areas and long distance service at much lower costs. You can even benefit from toll-free service and more bandwidth allocated for your company’s needs.

We create solutions for affordable pricing and simplified cabling so your business doesn’t have to spend more than it should.

SIP Trunks For Even More Savings

If your company is already experiencing the benefits of a VoIP system, then you’ll be even more pleased to find out that you can take even more advantage of what this system has to offer by connecting it to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) through SIP trunking.

By expanding your service, you are able to reduce costs even more, dynamically allocate bandwidth, simplify communications infrastructure, improve voice quality, have several local numbers under one system, and many other advanced IP services.

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