Business Telephone Systems

We offer a wide variety of phone systems from` only the most reliable manufacturers to ensure efficient call management, connectivity for all your locations and access to every member of the team.

Select from traditional phone systems, cloud-based services, or on-premise IP telephone systems. You can expect an exceptional business communication solution regardless of which delivery method you choose.

Cloud based VoIP Systems

With a cloud-based telephone system you get the benefits of modern IP business communications — only with so much more possibilities to be offered – and without the necessity of buying or leasing an on-site communications server or PBX. Instead of your service provider’s IP network, service is carried out using “the cloud”.
Businesses will have freedom from system hosting, power protection, performance, and maintenance concerns while users will enjoy the flexibility and ability to customize functions.

Traditional Phone Systems

If you’re looking for a phone system that’s reliable and cost-effective, then the traditional phone system is the way to go, whether as a main communication system or supplemental to a current VoIP system. In the event that a power system goes down or is interrupted, you can rely on your traditional phone system to still provide voice clarity and dependable service, both are paramount in any business.

Premise Based VoIP Systems

Premise based VoIP systems use your current IP data network or local area network (LAN) to process voice calls. This has revolutionized business telecommunications by unifying voice and data all in a single network. Companies can greatly benefit from an on-premise telephone system as equipment and administrations costs are reduced, long-distance charges no longer apply, and new services personalization and a whole lot of other capabilities are made possible.