Structured cabling for your voice and data is the NUCLEUS of any communications system.

Voice, Data, Fiber Optics, and Coaxial Cabling

No structured cabling job is too large for us to handle!Voice, data, video, fiber optics, and coaxial cabling represents the connectivity between devices and between networks.

While you may have the best, most up-to-date equipment that money can buy… if your cabling is unreliable or outdated then your investment is in vain.

At Teleco Augusta, we’ve laid literally THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of miles worth of cable over the years and have the expertise and the certifications your company requires and deserves so that your communications systems operates at its maximum capacity.

Nothing Too Large or Complex For Us to Handle

There is no project that is too large or too complex for us to tackle either.

In fact, we can (and do) structured cabling for almost ANY size project. Whether you have a computer or phone you need to add to your network, or whether you have many devices to connect, we can help!

Trying to connect several offices or buildings in a campus environment and don’t know how to proceed? We will do a site survey and recommend the best solution for your budget.

We’ll Handle the Complicated Details

We will even coordinate the job with required vendors, such as power companies, phone companies and Utility Protection Centers (“Call Before You Dig”).

What About Lighting Protection?

We also SPECIALIZE in providing lighting protection — a HUGE consideration if you are connecting devices between building (whether you are doing it aerially or in the ground).

Wi-Fi/ Wireless Networks

Just because you need to be connected doesn’t mean your office has to be littered with cables and wires everywhere. You can still stay connected using Wi-Fi or a wireless network and be enabled to do work without being tied down!

Teleco Augusta provides fiber optic wiring, too!We Provide Fiber Optics Cabling, Too

We’ve been installing fiber optic cabling for years and are one of the only companies in this area that can handle the complete job, end-to-end, start-to-finish.

We specialize in all types of fiber — including multimode and single mode fiber — and can also do fiber optic repair.

We have successfully completed fiber optic projects in all types of industries, including manufacturing, medical, education, municipal and small to large businesses.

Value-Engineered Network Design

Need help designing your network? Let us help you plan your fiber optic (or any type network) project so that you get the maximum result for the least amount of spend.

All the Knowledge, Expertise, Certifications and Experience Your Entity Deserves

When you trust Teleco with your fiber optics, you are trusting a company that has the knowledge, expertise, certifications AND experience to “do the job right” AND to consult with you beforehand to make sure we “do the right job” as well so that you are investing your money wisely!

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