access control systems provided by Teleco AugustaVideo surveillance systems help you monitor company assets (equipment and employees), while access control systems helps you maintain exactly who has access to what.

Video Surveillance/Access Control Systems Are Now Affordable for Smaller Business, Too

Whether you have a large company with multiple departments and employees or just a small business with only a handful on your team, it’s important to maintain safety and security by keeping an eye out for what goes on in your business and maintaining control of access to your company assets.

Now You Can Know What’s Going On… Even When You’re Not Around

Video surveillance and access control helps you monitor your company and gives you peace of mind knowing you can rest assured aware of what’s going on even when you aren’t around.

We will make sure you have visibility of what you believe needs to monitored or protected and that you are able to provide access to only the individuals you trust.

Not Sure What Solution You Need?

Teleco Augusta Will:AUeqdNK6AU509fXhhuHzGfFi8dutu_CcjW1-GiWRvNo

  • Meet with you and listen to your concerns and challenges about your security situation.
  • Conduct a site survey so that we can determine the equipment you need and/or uncover any areas of weakness you may not have anticipated.
  • Make recommendations that are custom-tailored for your company’s unique situation and budget.

Sales and Service AFTER the Sale, Too

As your situation changes and as technology advances, so will your needs for surveillance/access control products and services. We will always be there to help you with upgrades, repairs, and new state-of-the-art equipment.

video surveillance system in action

Video monitor with picture from security cameras