StarBox_family2Voice Mail

With our voice mail systems, a high number of calls, emails, faxes and other messages don’t have to be overwhelming. Your secretary doesn’t have to be busy handling all the calls when she has more pressing things to do. While it takes care of your calls, you can access your email, voice mail and faxes from anywhere.

Server-Based SIP Voice Mail Systems

A server based SIP voice mail system enables users to experience all the advantages of traditional voicemail systems but with several more added benefits to make communication even better with instant attention, responsiveness, and access to information.

Additional features include unified messaging, fax applications, text-to-speech feature, speech recognition, and interactive voice response.

Traditional Slide-in Voice Mail Systems

With a slide-in voicemail system you are able to handle messages and set messaging priorities to free up time to provide better customer service and prioritization. Enjoy essential features such as automated attendant, call routing, telephone answering, voice messaging, audiotext, call screening, and message notification.

Let Teleco help you find the voice mail system that is right for your needs!